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Eurus smart custodial account party & EUN influencer reward

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2 min readAug 29, 2022

Eurus network ‘s official wallet, have been launching the referral scheme for their community. This scheme mainly focused on the new registered smart custodial account and referring friends to swap EUN at Eurus wallet. As we knew Eurus wallet not only using on Eurus network transaction, it also allow to transfer assets within ethereum blockchain by Eurus interoperate bridge.

How to earn EUN by sharing my referral code?

There have 2 ways to earn EUN by using your referral code. (These rewarding scheme are not capability on web-based wallet)

Smart custodial account party:

Once your friends successfully created a new smart custodial account and input your referral code during the register process. 1 EUN will be instantly sent to your Eurus wallet address which you generated the referral code. Each referral code maximum rewarded 10 EUN at this Smart custodial account party.

Besides the Smart custodial account party, smart custodial account users also can join alpha test version to get node staking reward.

EUN influencer reward:

Once your friends successfully swap not less than 100 EUN at Eurus wallet. 10 EUN will be instantly sent to your Eurus wallet address which you generated the referral code. EUN influencer reward pool: 200,000 EUN.

Great news you should know, during this EUN influencer reward period. No gas fee require to swap EUN at Eurus Wallet. That is perfect moment to be EUN hodler!

All Eurus wallet users also can join beta test version to get node staking reward. LEARN MORE

How to get referral code?

All Eurus wallet users able to check their referral code at gift page and share with your friends letting them benefit with Eurus network transaction advantage.

For decentralised wallet, the referral code only shown after backup your seed phrase.

If you aren’t Eurus wallet user yet, download by following links.

Android ; iOS

How to check the rewards?

Different reward details will be shown on the each event page.

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