Eurus Economics Blockchain Network announced mainnet deployment.

Eurus Network
2 min readDec 1, 2021

A brand new PoA consensus mechanism blockchain launched, by using our official wallet to manage cross-chain asset which is powered by Eurus interoperate bridge.

Eurus Blockchain mainnet official launched on 18/10/2021. After over 9 months from proof of concept to Mainnet deployment, Eurus blockchain have been achieved the most important day of the network. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

What is Eurus Mainnet?

Eurus mainnet is an independent blockchain network by use Hyperleger Besu technology and protocol. It is an open-source network with interoperate bridge function which allow transfer asset between different consensus mechanism blockchain like Ethereum (PoS) and Bitcoin (PoW) seamless.

It is a blockchain which focused on sharing economics activities outcome, therefore Eurus have been applied IBFT 2.0 consensus algorithm which only required two second block time, an epoch length of 30,000, and a 10 second request timeout value. A very high block gas limit of 672,000,000 was set, and blocks were monitored to be sure that this gas limit was not saturated. It definitely solve the instant on-chain payment for e-commerce industry.

Why Eurus?

Besides, the Gas price and block height, the significant differentiates between other Blockchain of Eurus is the ecosystem.

Eurus aims to create an instant and on-chain transaction specifically on e-commerce industry, we not only provide the distributed ledger network. We also provide an equal benefit condition for every network participants.

Every Eurian have an equal opportunity to be the node representatives to share gas fee and the reserved EUN. On the other hand, we also reserved EUN as interest passive income our community.

At this initial stage, our Eurian (Eurus Blockchain participants) able connect our dAPP wallet by MetaMask extension or MetaMask in-app browser. Or just simply create a custodial wallet.

Learn more about Eurus Wallet

We recommend you to go to our protocol page to learn more details of Eurus network if you are newbie to the crypto world. Or get faucet to experience the cross-chain transaction speed. Thank you for your support!

Mainnet Wallet (Android)(iOS); Testnet Wallet ; Testnet Wallet (Android)(iOS)



Eurus Network

Eurus Economic interoperability blockchain network to transfer digital assets / cryptocurrency across completed different consensus mechanism network.