Eurus Node Staking (Early bird and pre-launching phase)

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3 min readOct 7, 2022


Eurus node has been ready to the Eurian.

As we know most blockchain is related to a validator to execute the consensus validation. And it with many different consensus mechanisms. To enhance the participants of validation, different validation with different rewards for the participants of validation to maintenance the blockchain effectiveness. Eurus blockchain is also no exception.

Eurus Node Staking reward

Since Eurus applied the Automatic Mining Consensus Mechanism every 2–3 seconds will be minted a new block even there without any transaction execution. Therefore, estimated not less than 189,000,000 EUN per year as staking reward for the validation node. And there have 9 nodes specific for all Eurian to gain the rewards. Those 9 public nodes are open to the Eurian to be representative, who must be qualified on PPoC which means they have contributed most of gas fee on the blockchain. The representative can set tips to gain more ratio on their stake rewards.

Early bird phase (not required any EUN to stake)

It is an alpha test version for node stake at Eurus mainnet, with only the first hundred thousand smart custodial accounts capable to be participants of this alpha test. The participant address is not required to stake any EUN to the node but is required to execute by their wallet (Download version only) instead. To encourage the wallet users (Eurian) to achieve this alpha test‘s objective. Each participant will get the node reward after the test (test period estimated 30 days), estimated total of 187,500 EUN will be released by node smart contract and distributed to the early bird phase‘s participants.

Pre-launching phase (required not less than 100 EUN to stake)

It is a beta test version for node stake at Eurus mainnet, all Eurus wallet addresses are capable to be participants. During this phase, nodes are not required the representative by PPoC, and all participants earn the node reward by the stake amount ratio. As same as the early bird phase, the test period will be estimated at 30 days and the total reward of the beta test node will be estimated at 187,500 EUN. And the stake capacity will be 8M EUN.

Learn more about WHAT is different from Eurus PPoC!


Early Bird Node (alpha test)

Open to join: 7/10/2022, Node reward period: 28/10/2022–27/11/2022 (Estimated)

Pre-launching Node (Beta test)

Open to stake: 28/10/2022, Node reward period: 27/11/2022–27/12/2022 (Estimated)

Execution platform

Above testing, the version is only available on the Eurus wallet download version.

Android ; iOS

All the latest news and details regarding the above testing phase will be announced at Eurus Wallet.

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